Characteristics of the “build” workplace strength

  • Implement standard processes: The ability to get work done effectively, efficiently, and consistently, using a repeatable series of actions.
  • Implement step-by-step procedures: The ability to get work done using an established set of instructions or checklists.
  • Implement important projects: The ability to execute a planned set of activities to achieve a significant organizational or physical change.
  • Implement integrated programs: The ability to unify—and manage as a group—a series of projects to holistically achieve enterprise results.
  • Implement proven methods: The ability to use well-established procedures to improve enterprise performance.
  • Implement practical solutions: The ability to solve problems by applying tools and techniques that are proven to be sufficient, rather than state of the art.
  • Implement roles and responsibilities: The ability to systematically execute activities through the enterprise’s organizational structure.

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