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Women And Therapy

Women And Therapy

Mostly women go to therapy. This is true as women more often receive therapy because there is less stigma preventing them from doing so. Conversely, societal pressures make men ambivalent to therapy.


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 The Libido Of Men And Women

 The Libido Of Men And Women

Research indicates that measured physiological signs of arousal are self-reported more accurately in men than in women. Also, straight and lesbian women show physiological signs of arousal when watching sexual videos regardless of who was with whom. 

The gap between the arousal that women r...

Gender biases hurt men too

Gender biases hurt men too

There are plenty of areas where women have an advantage over men and the workplace is one part of that.

Other studies show that managers view men who have only part-time work experience as less hirable than women with the same experience due to gender expectations. 


Benefits of vacationing

Benefits of vacationing

Studies show that those who go on vacations are more likely to have:

  1. A decreased risk of having a fatal heart attack for men;
  2. An improvement in heightening one's reaction time
  3. An improved quality of sleep; and
  4. Women are less likely to develop heart disease

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