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People that score high on this are organized, methodical and tend to keep going and going. Possible facets:

  • Competence: they complete tasks successfully
  • Order: they like order
  • Dutifulness: the follow the rules
  • Achievement-striving: they work hard
  • Self-discipline: they get chores done right away
  • Deliberation: they avoid mistakes.



It represents the 5 personality traits psychologists use today:
  • Openness to experiences
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism
Each personality trait is characterized by 6 individual facets.
Openness to Experience

It describes people who enjoy the arts and new experiences. Possible facets:

  • Fantasy: they have a vivid imagination
  • Aesthetics: they believe in the importance of art
  • Feelings: They experience emotions intensely
  • Actions: They prefer variety to routine
  • Ideas: they like complex problems
  • Values: they tend to vote for liberals.

This is about the degree of sociability, and one's source of energy and excitement. Possible facets:

  • Warmth: you make friends easily
  • Gregariousness: you love large parties
  • Assertiveness: you  take charge
  • Activity: you are always busy
  • Excitement-seeking: you love the excitement
  • Positive Emotions: you radiate joy.

It describes people that are tolerant, honest and get along well with others. Possible facets:

  • Trust: they trust others
  • Compliance: they would never cheat on taxes
  • Altruism: they make people feel welcome
  • Straightforwardness: they are easy to satisfy
  • Modesty: they dislike being center of attention
  • Tender-mindedness: they sympathize with the homeless.

People who score high on this are vulnerable to frequent strong negative emotions. Possible facets: 

  • Anxiety: they worry about things
  • Hostility: they get angry easily
  • Depression: they often feel blue
  • Self-consciousness: they are easily intimidated
  • Impulsiveness: they eat too much
  • Vulnerability: they panic easily.

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Our social media accounts such as our Facebook profiles convey our personalities accurately.

Researchers believe that the ability to be able to freely express one's personality online contributes to the person's online popularity because it allows the audience to know the person, it satisfies the need to be known by others, and profile viewers feel that they can trust the information they get from social network profiles while instilling confidence in themselves as well.



A recent study has shown that open-minded individuals tend to be more creative and willing to have new experiences. 

The result led to the idea that this kind of people have the tendency to come up with creative solutions as well as being more flexible when working in an environment where there are several distractions.

A trait is a stable characteristic or "blueprint" that causes specific behavioural patterns.

  • The three dimensions of personality: extroversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism.
  • Later researchers suggested five dimensions of personality (known as the Big 5 theory): openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.