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3 things about the hedonic threadmill

1) It's never enough — you'll always want more

2) The outside world can never deliver lasting happiness

3) Instead of looking at the external, look inside


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Making things happen

This is something I struggle with from time to time, putting it out there to serve as a reminder.

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Managing Time Like a Pro

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How to manage time for personal and professional life

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4. Detachment from External Events

4. Detachment from External Events

• Individuals should cultivate a sense of detachment from external events and focus instead on their own inner state on oachieve a greater sense of peace and equanimity.

• Our emotions and reactions should not be dictated by external events but rather by our own rational judgments.

• ...

The Inside View

Very often, when we look at a task, we take the outside view by forgetting about the emotional component. And that's how something we may actually enjoy becomes a chore.

  • The inside view requires you to focus on the middle of the task that you know you usually enjoy, not on startin...

Disruption of Progress

Disruption of Progress

Whenever an outside force interrupts our progress - we skip gym for a day or two for example - it sends a message to our brains that we aren't good enough and we can't do it and that we should just give up.

Disruption is the biggest obstacle to overcome bu...

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