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<p>It is all about the best ti...

It is all about the best time to perform life activities. These are based on my personal and general opinion. 

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For me, it is best to work as the daylight appears. Business transactions occur more frequently during the daytime, so possibly, more income. Meetings are best to start in the morning also, with a cappuccino. 

The sunlight of 4 pm shines upon the wonder of the picturesque places. Can you imagine that? Time machine exists thanks to the historical sites. The blend of 4 pm sunlight with the brown to marble color of the walls looks perfect for your photo gallery. Most museum closes at 6 pm, but hours befor...

There are also benefits of doing this activity in the morning. Here are some, according to (2019). 

  1. Less prone to distractions – because...

No matter what road you will go through (either the cityscape, mountains, seaside, bridges, or plains), when you drive before and during the sunset and pair it with the music of your choice, you will enjoy it for sure.  

Studying can be good when we start it in the early morning, aside from doing it in the evening. Our mind is ready, refreshed, and are alerted by the daylight, according to The time w...

How about the waves? I’m pretty sure your ears will crave their sound. How about the seashells and starfish? Or the corals? They are natural wonders that you want for home display. You may also do activities, like surfing, beach volleyball, swimming, building a sandcastle, and sunbathing at 4 pm....

Most people would think that exercise in the morning is better than in the afternoon or evening. I agree with it because, besides the workout, I love the fresh cold air outside and the Vitamin D production triggered by the sunlight. 

You see the trees dancing because of blowing winds. Seeing a lovely family having their selfies together feels heartwarming. The diligent ice cream vendors are ringing their bell while the cheerful children are playing. Statues, monuments, fountains, and gardens relax you.

When it comes to going outdoors to roam around somewhere and enjoy every scenery, it’s best to do it from 4 pm to 6 pm. It is the period before sunset we love.

Nunez, K. (2019, July 10). Working out in the morning: 13 benefits, research,ips, and more . Healthline. Retrieved September 28, 2021, from

It also feels memorable when we attend religious service before the sunset. We pray and worship to refresh our spiritual selves. And then we will leave to see the sunset or beautiful evening.

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