Journaling to have a proof of progress

When you have a bad day, it can be easy to forget how much progress you have made. But with a journal, it's easier to keep a sense of perspective.

One glance at your previous entries and you have proof of how much you have grown over the months and years.

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Journaling sharpens your memory

Our beliefs change slowly as we gain experience. Journal entries remind you of how you once thought.

Time will change your face without you noticing, but it will also change your thoughts without you realizing it.

Learning from old experiences

When looking back on her previous journal entries, Virginia Woolf remarked that she often found the significance to lie where she never saw it at the time.

Reading your old journal entries is a bit like reading a great book for a second time. You pick up on new sentences and see the past in a different way.

  • What happened today? (Daily journal)
  • What am I grateful for today? (Gratitude journal)
  • What is my most important task today? (Productivity journal)
  • How did I sleep last night? (Sleep journal)
  • How do I feel today? (Mood journal)

Leave 31 lines underneath each prompt. One line for each day of the month. This is where you'll write your one sentence each day. Once the month is complete, you can look back on 31 beautiful journal entries per prompt.

Write one sentence per day.

The primary advantage of journaling one sentence each day is that it makes journaling fun. It's easy to do. It's easy to feel successful. And if you feel good each time you finish journaling, then you'll keep coming back to it.

Journaling motivates you

There is something about knowing that your day will be recorded that makes you want to make at least one good choice before the sun sets.

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What Journaling Can Do for You
  1. Journaling provides the opportunity to learn new lessons from old experiences. 
  2. Journaling sharpens your memory. 
  3. Journaling motivates you to make the most of each day. 
  4. Journaling provides proof of your progress. 

The Surprising Benefits of Journaling One Sentence Every Day | James Clear

John Dewey

"We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience."

The Art of Journaling: How To Start Journaling, Benefits of Journaling, and More

I've tried traditional paper-based journals, a password protected file on my computer and even journaling apps. I've kept journals about my personal life, professional life and even my business. So what should you do?

Both digital and paper-based journals are useful. With digital journals, you can search old entries and never worry about losing anything. With paper-based journals, you're less likely to be distracted from your practice by notifications or social media. I recommend trying both for a week or so and then using what works for you.

How To Start A Journaling Habit Today

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