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A man's mind is his greatest enemy. It makes him do almost anything. Our thoughts dictate our results. Good thoughts lead to good results. Bad thoughts lead to bad results. This is the eternal law of nature.


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Hiring Without an Office

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Effect of thought on circumstances.

Today's most common convention is that, we are the results of our circumstances. If we aren't earning enough then it's our boss' fault. We tend to change the circumstances outside us but we don't look within us. We are wasting our time if we are focusing on changing our outer conditions. We shoul...

The entropy law

The second law of thermodynamics, the so-called 'the entropy law', it is said to be one of the most important laws in nature. This law states that entropy, which is a measure of disorder in a closed system, almost always increases in time.

Bob Ross's magical draw

The show was as meditative as it was instructive. Ross put out pure positivity into the world.

In every episode, Bob Ross explained his art as a way of capturing the eternal beauty of the world. When he filled his canvas with color, he'd say things like, "...

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