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Paradox of Choice

Paradox of Choice

It means that while increased choice allows us to achieve objectively better results, it also leads to greater anxiety, indecision, paralysis, and dissatisfaction.


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The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.

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Prioritizing and setting boundaries for self-care

Practicing mindfulness and presence

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Paradox of Choice

People are bombarded with more options than ever. There is a limit and when it is crossed, more choices will destroy the quality of life.

We make no choice because of inner paralysis.

We make poor decision because we focus only on few criteria to filter lots of options. Sometimes it’s...

Don't overthink

Don't overthink

Trying too hard to make the perfect choice causes analysis paralysis. When we overanalyze every decision to avoid any kind of regret, it paralyzes us into indecision... that's how people end up wasting their lives. 

"What if... that means... but then... also... Oh, I've cir...

We worship efficiency

We worship efficiency

We often see efficiency as good and inefficiency as wasteful. Economists teach us that increased efficiency improves our standard of living and make our lives better.

However, too much of a good thing has the opposite effect. Some motivation produces excellent performance while too mu...

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