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How to Recover From a Breakup the Healthy Way

Spend time with your friends

Friendships (if you are lucky enough to find the right friends) are unconditional, reciprocal and capable of nourishing your heart back to full if you allow them to.




Change and the unchangeable
We like to think that things can be changed. That we are in control somehow.  That's why “never” hurts, because never means that it can’t be changed. “Never” means it’s over. It’s gone. And ...
Meaning and relationships
  • We generate meaning through relationships. And meaning is the fuel of our minds. 
  • Our relationships also define our understanding of ourselves. And when one of these relationships is destroyed, that part of our identity is destroyed along with it. 
Depression vs. sadness
  • Sadness occurs when something feels bad. 
  • Depression occurs when something feels meaningless. 

When something feels bad, at least it has meaning. In depression, everything becomes a big blank void. 

Jack Mezirow

"By far the most significant learning experience in adulthood involves critical self-reflection - reassessin..."

Jack Mezirow
3 areas of life to clarify

You need to have absolute clarity over 3 fundamental facts:

  • Your goals (the destination)
  • Your current situation (your coordinates)
  • The path that connects both of them (the route).

A very simple, but crucial principle: if you don’t know where you are, you can never reach the place where you want to be.

The world of the status quo bias

Making an alternative choice is hard because we are neurologically wired to favor the default solution, even if it brings suboptimal results.

As the complexity of a decision increases, so does our tendency to stick with the answer we know.

  • Society teaches us an unhealthy kind of love, telling us that we are to search for one elusive, a mystical being that completes us in all aspects. Love need not be codependent, scarce and elu...
Towards Independence

To defeat co-dependence:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Identify associated thought patterns.
  • Identify the cost of stagnation.
  • Identify the rewards of growth.

Meditation aids our independence from others, helping us become complete and rooted. Meditation provides us with an inner growth that makes us independent and self-sufficient mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It helps us figure out who we are from inside.