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How To Improve Your Active Listening Skills

  1. Minimize external distractions
  2. Face the speaker
  3. Maintain eye contact
  4. Focus on the speaker
  5. Be open-minded
  6. Be sincerely interested
  7. Have sympathy, feel empathy
  8. Assess the emotion, not just the words
  9. Respond appropriately
  10. Minimize internal distractions
  11. Avoid "me" stories
  12. Don't be afraid of silence
  13. Take notes
  14. Practice emotional intelligence
  15. Check your understanding


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Father, Husband, Friend.

Understanding more about the common barriers to active listening – and how to best overcome these – are the biggest lessons you'll learn from this book.

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Poor listening skills create roadblocks to communication, especially when the single-minded goal of the speaker is to be heard.

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How To Be An Active Listener

  1. Ignore internal and external distractions (thoughts and sounds).
  2. Listen to the content of their speech and their specific wording
  3. Listen to the context of their speech. Keep in mind the circumstances and themes and how they relate what’s being sa...

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