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Goal-setting Of Goals

Before you set goals for your product managers, you need to understand why you are doing it. There are a number of reasons to set goals for people in your company, but not all of them can be applied to product managers, like:

  • Personal performance evaluation
  • Making sure the company’s operational pace is maintained
  • Giving guidance and direction

You can set goals that are related to company or business objectives. As a general guideline, you should treat the goals you set for your product managers as means to give them guidance and direction, not measure their performance or even the product’s.


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Measuring the performance of product managers is a real challenge for a number of reasons. When planning the product managers’ goals, this challenge can translate into taking the wrong direction altogether. Here is a new way to look at product management goals, and make them a useful tool for both you and your team.

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6 Goal setting tips

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