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Use Video

Consider opting for a 1 minute video that’s straight to the point, impactful and presenting that urgency for your customers. These videos should speak of your target audience’s pain points and how your business through its service or product will solve them and provide that convenience.




The average rate of landing page conversions is 9.7% and you can do this quick math as well! Take the number of people who converted, then divide that by the number of people who visited your page, and lastly multiply it by 100!

A landing page is a section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page, and much different from the website’s home page. The main difference is all in the focus of that page.

Having unique codes and extra incentives for your customers and their favourite products is a bonus many small and large businesses haven’t tapped into yet. No matter your business, you want to ensure in all areas you are servicing your customers and what they enjoy from your business.

This basically tells you the traffic of visitors converting into leads and accomplishing its true goal! Keep in mind, not every customer clicking on your landing page will take the CTA and move accordingly. Many will bounce while some may read your content and still choose to leave and or come ba...

There are plenty of designs you may have and can use to attract your customers, however, blank or white space (also known as empty space or negative space) is the most underrated trick you’d have as a small business owner. This allows your page to look less cluttered along with:

Provide realist and positive-driven emotional photos and see how quick of a conversion rate you’ll receive. Why? Because your audience can tell just as much as you can when a picture is fake.

Building trust with your customers in order for a higher conversion rate can be accomplished through your logos, security badges and of course customer testimonials.

Call To Actions are amazing when used correctly and not overwhelming the customer. For your landing page to start creating the conversions you’re looking for, your CTA needs to be clear and concise. You want your CTA to be just that-a call of action, literally creating an urgency for that custome...

These are more direct and can be noticed a mile away on your site. A primary way to implement this is to add arrows pointing to the most important page elements, like your CTA for instance.

Many of us have heard the phrase, ‘wearing white makes everything look big’. Right? Well, turns out it’s the same with your landing page. With the white or empty space, it’ll draw the attention to the highlighted elements on the page, therefore the customers are forced to focus on them-this is ho...

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