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Brand Marketing Is A Long Term Endeavor

clear brand creates recognition and ignites a distinct feeling about it that will stay with your audience forever.


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Understanding branding vs marketing and how they work together is integral in creating connection and trust with your audience.

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The value of a personal brand statement

The value of a personal brand statement

Think of a remarkable personal brand statement like a killer song title or a logline for a movie. A good title makes a song instantly memorable (think, THE BEATLES: ‘Hey Jude’). And when people read a well-crafted logline (think, JAWS: ‘A police chief, with a phobia for open water, battles a giga...

What Exactly Is a Personal Brand?

What Exactly Is a Personal Brand?

In addition to defining who you are and what you do, a personal brand determines how others—including future employers—will look at you

It’s a chance to put out your message so that when people hear your name or see your photo, your perso...

Build a Personal Brand

  • Develop Your Brand Story. The first step is getting clarity on why you are creating this story or what your long-term goal is—such as finding a new job or pivoting industries.
  • Build a Website. Once you have your brand story, you’ll need to create a p...

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