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Easier = Better

Easier = Better

In essence, if you make something easier to begin, you will be more likely to make substantive progress on that activity. This applies to habit building as well - you are more likely to ingrain a habit that is easier to start and perform.


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Making it 'easier'

Making it 'easier'

You can accomplish this in a myriad of ways:

  1. Have a dedicated area for studying.
  2. Put your study paraphernalia in places of easy access.
  3. Have similar items together (pens in a jar, books on a bookshelf, etc.)
  4. Try to stay organized as best as possible.


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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”



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The Converse

The Converse

The converse of this idea is that: If you make something harder to begin/access, you will make little/no progress on that activity. This is an important notion for removing unnecessary elements from our studying lives.


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Applications for this idea

Applications for this idea

If you are distracted by Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, or any other social media app, we can use this method to remove them, and be less distracted whilst studying.


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How to accomplish this

How to accomplish this

As you can probably guess, we accomplish this by making these things harder to access.

  1. Put your phone into another room - you will have to walk over to the other room in order to access it.
  2. Silence notifications
  3. If applicable, use a website blocker to temporarily preven...


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Inherent Laziness

Inherent Laziness

Despite the vehement push of our contemporary culture to despise laziness, and champion discipline, laziness can actually be utilized to your advantage.


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Founder & Lead Writer @ EdEfficiency - The Productivity Blog for Students. Website Developer, Entrepreneur

If we can make something as easy as possible, 'just getting started' will seem like a breeze, and you will see an immediate improvement in your life, wherever you apply it.

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