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How to earn trust, not attention

We have been conditioned into believing that we're not able to speak to people who are smarter or wiser or richer than we are.

But we can remedy this by making small promises and keeping them. Show up to small groups of people, known as the smallest viable audience and consistently offer them something, so that they learn to expect it from you.


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The smallest viable audience

We believe that the only way to win is to have the biggest possible audience. But it actually never works like that.

The way it works is to find the smallest group of people who trust you enough. When you overwhelm them with delight, they will tell others. Any brand starts ...


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Permission marketing

Permission marketing is the opposite of spam. It is messages people desire to get. The messages are anticipated and relevant.

A simple test is: If you didn't show up on Instagram or send out that email, would people reach out and ask where you are? If they're not missing you, you are not do...


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How to get people interested in what you're doing

The internet is not a mass medium. Television could reach 40 million people at once, but the internet doesn't reach 40 million people at the same time. The internet may have 40 million channels that each reaches 100 people. It's micro, not mass. 

Finding people who are interested in what yo...


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