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Stretch yourself in two directions

7 to 10: If you want to strengthen your 7 to 10 range, then practice joy. Joy is a verb. See here:

1 to 3: If you find it hard to access the darker feelings, then exploring them could actually allow you to feel more joy because, after all, the key to your joy is in your pain. But: exploring these gloomier moods should be done in baby steps with someone you trust, who will not immediately be activated to cheer you up. You will need to do something counterintuitive: you will need to teach yourself to feel comfortable in your pain.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

What’s your emotional range? Have you chosen it? Are you happy with it? Expanding your emotional range can be intimidating, but ultimately leads to a richer, more passionate life.

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Handling Difficult People

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How to communicate effectively with difficult people

How to handle conflict

How to stay calm under pressure

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