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5. Fine Tune Your Pace And Clarity

5. Fine Tune Your Pace And Clarity

In order to sound more like a native English speaker, what you say is as important as how you say it. Improving the pace, clarity, and stress and unstress on the words of your speaking will go a long way in improving your fluency and help native speakers to better understand you.

6. Read aloud and sound like Native speaker

Reading aloud in English is a great way to work on the clarity of your pronunciation. If you've spent enough time listening to native speakers, try to mimic the way they talk. Allow your voice to rise and fall with the natural flow of the language.


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I like to motivate and give advice to others. I want that everyone should be successful in their career with their skills and passion...

This is important to speak like the native speaker that might be in any language e.g. English, español, etc.

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