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This is important to speak like the native speaker that might be in any language e.g. English, español, etc.


6 tips you should follow to speak like a native speaker

6 tips you should follow to speak like a native speaker



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Speaking Accent

Speaking is a skill like swimming, driving or riding a bike. The only way one can be proficient in speaking English is to actually keep talking! It is said that the best method to become a good writer is to keep writing. Similarly, the ideal way to speak English or speak like a native speaker is ...

1. Acquire The Interest And Accent

Motivation, Repetition and Exposure -- all three play a major role. Remember the native speakers' phrases and expressions by repeating them and using them in your day to day communication. Try to keep in touch with foreigners. Talking more to them will break the jinx and make you accustomed to th...

2. Retain Vocabulary Using Three Steps

a. Recall the context

b. Retain the text

c. Reproduce it in the test

We can remember the words, phrases and expressions easily b...

3. Make The Best Use Of Technology

Make the most of the smart phones in recording your accent, phrases and expressions. Always play back and self-remedy by comparing it with the original spoken tape. Watch the videos by native tutors. Watch English movies and songs. The rhythm, music, lyrics, words and tune can be...

Native speakers use lots of idioms and phrases in their spoken communication. Idioms do not make sense when understood literally. Some of the examples are in the blink of an eye ("very fast") or it's a piece of cake ("easy") can add a level of sophistication to y...

5. Fine Tune Your Pace And Clarity

In order to sound more like a native English speaker, what you say is as important as how you say it. Improving the pace, clarity, and stress and unstress on the words of your speaking will go a long way in improving your fluency and help native speakers to better understand you.


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