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Personalisation in marketing is about noticing your customers and making them feel appreciated.

Include your customers' names in emails. You can also create content tailored to your customer using behaviour-based data.


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4. Include relevant content

Your content is the driving force of your email marketing campaigns, It would be best if you plan out what you'll include in your newsletters before you send them out.

Use different data -- demographic, behavioral, transactional, and customer preferences -- using data analytics to understan...

The Importance of Content Intelligence

The Importance of Content Intelligence

A lot of marketers use content marketing in order to communicate with the audience and draw them in. The benefits include:

  • Generating a deep understanding of your target audience and what they like based on data and analysis
  • Helps you to create content that is centered around y...

The hidden Power of Names

The hidden Power of Names

It's important to recognize that a person's name is a significant part of their identity and hearing it can make them feel better. So Remembering someone's name can make them feel valued and appreciated.

Make an effort to remember the names of people you meet and use their name when address...

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