2. Build your prerequisite knowledge and procedural fluency. - Deepstash

2. Build your prerequisite knowledge and procedural fluency.

Math and science tend to have high element interactivity, which is why mastery of them is seen as a sign of intelligence. Working memory is associated with intelligence, and those with slightly more working memory can handle slightly greater element interactivity. While this creates only a modest advantage in the short term, greater ease in learning basic concepts can accumulate into a considerable advantage in the long run .

If you’re struggling in a subject with high element interactivity, the key is to go back and invest in more practice in the underlying skills.


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Cognitive load: Understanding learning difficulties

Cognitive load is the effort used by the working memory to process information. The working memory capacity is limited: If it is overloaded with information, you will fail to understand.

There are three types of cognitive load:

  • Intrinsic load....

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