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How do you keep writing when you have anxiety? When you feel like you’re just barely making it through your life? Like the whole thing is one big blur of “If I could just finish this one thing, then…” ?

By experimenting and learning from others, I found 5 things that really helped me to overcome my anxiety so that I had enough headspace left to do something I wanted to do: write.


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Just a pharm tech and wanna be author.

As someone with anxiety who used to love to write these tips are helping me get back into the habit without the guilt

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Examples of open loops

Once some people complete their to-do list, they add more work. This is a dangerous move that can sabotage your productivity.
Sources of open loops:

  • Studying. Do you have a specific list of learning activities, or do you just...

Common Obstacles To Writing

Common Obstacles To Writing

  • You’re busy: separate 5-15 minutes to write, first thing in the morning, and stick to it.
  • You’re intimidated: The important thing is to start.
  • You’re not motivated: Commit to writing to an accountability group and report to them if you wrote or not.

Afternoon routines

In the afternoons distractions have the most power:

  • Move your body at the same time every day so your brain knows you’re still getting stuff done.
  • Save the easy stuff for the afternoon when you can switch on autopilot.
  • Spend just 5 minutes on that “Big Thing”, but only ...

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