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As someone with anxiety who used to love to write these tips are helping me get back into the habit without the guilt


How to keep writing when you have anxiety ⋆ Books & Alchemy

How to keep writing when you have anxiety ⋆ Books & Alchemy


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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re constantly working on your novel, thinking about your novel, or doing other things so you can write your novel…but you never seem to make any progress. 

You’re exhausted. And you’re not getting anywhere.

When you write, only write, and ...

If there’s one thing that will screw you up hardcore and keep you from getting anything done, it’s multitasking.

  • Taking a “quick break” while writing to check social media 
  • Allowing notification banners on your desktop to pop while you’re writing
  • Popping back and forth ...

The key to avoiding anxiety is to make sure it stays a passion and doesn’t become a chore.

  • Where does your mind go in boring meetings? (stop multitasking, though!)
  • If you had to write every single day for the rest of your life, how could you make that feel like a reward?

Here’s an exercise that will help you focus your mind on writing, keep your creativity flowing, and reduce your anxiety all at once:

Every day, for just 3 minutes, meditate on your current WIP. Do it until you can call up every aspect of your plot and characters immediately, even when you’...

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