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Simple Practices That Will Make You Want to Be More Generous - Thrive Global

Simple Practices That Will Make You Want to Be More Generous - Thrive Global

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Donate When You Buy

When you order from Amazon, use “” 

You choose the charity, and they donate a portion of your eligible orders at no cost to you. 

Collect Change To Give Away

Collect Change To Give Away

Many of us accumulate nickels and dimes that end up in forgotten places.

Collect coins in a ziplock bag and give it away to someone with a genuine need.

Pick Up A Piece Of Trash

Pick Up A Piece Of Trash

If you’re walking by a piece of trash, toss it in the nearest can. Every bit adds up over time.

Show generosity to your community and the Earth.

Give A Compliment

One simple compliment can turn someone’s day around and positively affect many lives.

Compliments are easy to give if you focus on something you like. Look for opportunities to give a compliment.

Box Up Leftovers

Box Up Leftovers

Instead of taking leftovers home to have them spoil, consider giving it to someone in need.

5 Minute Favor

The practice involves committing to one 5 minute favor a day. 

Doing one a day instills a habit of giving that benefits more than just the recipient.

Donate Unused Items

Practice decluttering on a monthly basis. Donate the items to a charity of your choice.

Support Your Friends’ Businesses

“Like,” “Share,” or comment on your friend’s business content.

It’s easy, free, and strengthens your friendship, and their business.


Find a cause that you care about and allocate time as often as possible.

Volunteering can help develop new skills, build experience, and spread more love and kindness.

Support Co-Worker’s Passions

One place we tend to forget to be generous is work. We spend a vast majority of our life there. 

It’s important to take the time to support your coworkers.

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