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Expect copycats

Be flattered when other brands recreate your efforts. But continue to tweak to keep your content current, relevant, and reasonably familiar to your audience.


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Audiences like to consume the familiar. With some thinking, you can create content that works for them and your brand.

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  • Brands can (and should) aim to develop their own tone of voice to set themselves apart.
  • But this tone of voice also needs to be in line with the preference of their intended audience.

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Create valuable content

If you want to build loyalty and win the trust of your audience, creating relevant and valuable content should be your number one focus.

This is the kind of content that meets the needs and pitfalls of your audience.

Whether it is an infographic, videos, ebook or blog post, everythi...

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AI may not be the solution to all of a company’s content generation issues. On the other hand, the correct technology will allow you to develop a better-informed plan for communicating with your audience. AI content creation empowers you to sift through massive amounts of data and extract importa...

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