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Audiences like to consume the familiar. With some thinking, you can create content that works for them and your brand.


Why a Content Formula Isn't Lazy – It's a Hallmark of Bingeable Series

Why a Content Formula Isn't Lazy – It's a Hallmark of Bingeable Series



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Movies with similar plots may sound repetitive and appear to be a recipe for failure, yet it is the formula for success at the Hallmark Channel that other platforms study and copy.

It offers a reason for content marketers to reconsider the idea of i...

Familiar content reworked into new packages works better to attract and grow audiences. Content that is recognisable makes it easier to consume and set expectations for rewarding outcomes. 

However, you should have some original and thought-provoking content. You should add...

Repeating a familiar tone, style, and story arc won't guarantee immediate success. Hallmark started airing only a few movies a year before it caught on.

After you publish a few pieces of content containing familiar elements, pay attention to your audience's reaction. Look a...

All Hallmark movies have happy endings. Audiences like the comfort of knowing how things will turn out.

A brand wouldn't publish a customer story that turns out bad or remains unsolved. Audiences want to know the story that leads to a successful outcome.

Hallmark movies often include familiar faces. They use the same lead actors in multiple movies in a single season.

Consider featuring familiar sources or storytellers throughout your brand communications.

Some Hallmark movies are so popular that the channel creates yearly sequels.

If you profile people or businesses, consider doing a follow-up content piece to see what is different since you last told their story.

Hallmark holiday movies attract about 80 million viewers for one holiday season. Hallmark productions reuse shooting locations, plot points and anything else they can.

When you consider how to do the most with your content marketing budget, look for ways to save, such as wr...

Be flattered when other brands recreate your efforts. But continue to tweak to keep your content current, relevant, and reasonably familiar to your audience.

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2022 is the time to put fresh eyes on your #content types if you want to keep or attract an audience.



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