Valuable discoveries

Valuable discoveries

At every company, how management thinks things get done and how they actually get done are two different things. 

But while managers often have good reasons for pushing certain processes or products, sometimes they simply haven’t thought of the more efficient method.

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Self Improvement



Every field has its standards. Once you’ve got the basics down, reach for a lesser known—but still needed at your office—skill or competency.

Be a mentor

As much as mentorship benefits the mentee, it can also be a professional boost for the mentor. 

Mentoring others develops leadership and communication skills: Spotting strengths and weaknesses, explaining things diplomatically, and giving supportive advice are key to mentorship as well as management roles.

Ask for help

At first, asking for help might sound like the opposite of creating your own opportunities. 

Opportunities are tied to personal relationships. Consider the Ben Franklin effect: By asking someone for a small favor, you endear them to yourself. The reason is that, when you help someone, your brain rationalizes your actions by assuming that you must like that person.

Embrace conflict

Don’t create unnecessary conflict with your co-workers, but don’t run from it, either. See it as an opportunity to better understand someone you’ll be spending 40 hours a week around. 

Chances are, the other person will respond the same way. Goodwill is taken for granted less often than you might think.

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How to Set Up a Networking Call
  • Start small. Connect with your peers, teachers, family, and friends to start off.
  • Think outside the box. Try cold-emailing, especially if you're searching for a job. It will be jarring at first due to a large amount of rejections or no replies, but as a result, it will become easier to present yourself via email or at in-person events.
  • Make the first move. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take, so take them.

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The Benjamin Franklin Effect Mechanism

Some researchers think this effect comes from our need to reconcile us doing someone a favor and us not liking that person, so we assume that we like them. 

Other researchers think that the one being asked for help senses that the one asking wants to get friendly with them and in turn reciprocates the liking.

Harness the power of the 'Ben Franklin Effect' to get someone to like you

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