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4. Customer obsession not competitor obsession.

🟡Be afraid of your customer. They always want more. They are always dissatisfied. They will always grow you.


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To be blissful is a pleasant state of life-energy, which cannot be disturbed by physical, mental, or emotional causes.


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Customer-Centric Marketing

Customer-Centric Marketing

Customer-centric marketing is an approach to marketing that prioritizes the wants and needs of the customer over any other factor in regards to their interests.

Although their goal is to grow their business, customer-centric marketing shows us that they will be able to grow while at the sam...

Business Model Planning: Customer Relationships Hypothesis

This describes how you will get, keep, and grow customers. For physical products, there are four “get” stages — Awareness, Interest, Consideration, and Purchase.

Devise several different “get” strategies and test them. Customer retention programs come...

5.3. Build a Target Customer Profile

You should have plenty of notes from your discovery interview. It is now time to look for common themes. Look into overlapping feedback from your interviews. Always put customer and prospect responses above answers from your team. 

When multiple target customer personas are involved in the ...

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