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•Kapilopanishad - Mentioned in the Anandasrama list at 4067 (Anandasrama 4067).

•Kapila Gita - also known as Dṛṣṭantasara or Siddhāntasāra .Kapila Pancharatra - also known as Maha Kapila Pancharatra. Quoted by Raghunandana in Saṃskāra Mayukha .

Ayurveda books mentioning Kapila's works are:

Vagbhatta mentions Kapila's views in chapter 20 of Sutrasthana .Nischalakara mentions Kapila's views in his commentary on Chikitsa Sangraha .Kapila's views are quoted in Ayurvedadipika .The Kavindracharya list at 987 mentions a book named Kapila Siddhanta Rasayana .


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 卐 || एकं सत विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति || Enthusiast || Collection Of Some Best Reads || Decentralizing...

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