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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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Rethinking Ideas

Why are people hesitant to rethink things?

  • It makes the world feel much more unpredictable
  • If my views aren’t fixed, “who am I?”
  • How do “I” navigate this really confusing and turbulent world?
  • It makes us feel like we are not the experts
  • And a lot of us take pride in our knowledge


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Video: Key Takeaways

Video: Key Takeaways

  • Loneliness is not only about wanting to feel connected with friends and family, it is also about wanting to feel connected with your government, your employer
  • The more individualistic the society is, the lonelier it’s likely to be (neo-liberal capitalist mindset)
  • Identity is ...


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The Chicken Wings At Hooters Story

The Chicken Wings At Hooters Story

  • Kat worked as a waitress at Hooters. Every Friday, a customer would order 50 chicken wings for him and his friends.
  • After eating the entire plate, he would complain that 10 chicken wings were missing and ask for a discount.
  • Because it happened every time, it was obvious that ...


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More individualism, more loneliness, more neoliberalism, more loneliness.



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The Risk Of Making Big Decisions

You will make mistakes; NASA didn’t make it to where it is by playing it safe

Rocket science is not low risk

Not being able to carry worries is a big leadership weakness

If a leader can’t handle worries, it will make the whole organization behave in a way that hides potential ri...


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Procrastination is the inability to deal with emotional discomfort.



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We need to give ourselves permission to enter rethinking cycles.



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There is probably nothing more lonely than being in a bad relationship or a bad marriage.



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An Effective Coach

What makes an effective coach?

  • Being prepared and having a game plan
  • Ready to deviate if the game plan is not working
  • Having the ability to connect with the team and communicate with each member (including the staff)
  • There is that fine balance of sticki...


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The Positive Intent: Power Of The Possible

The Positive Intent: Power Of The Possible

When you are looked at as your potential, you feel the need and desire to grow into that potential.

Naturally, some people will let us down, but there is more value in believing in people than forfeiting because of a small percentage.

  • Smiling at random people on the stree...


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Defining A Great Relationship

  • A great relationship is one where if you ask each person independently who benefits more from the relationship, they would each say “Well, I do.”
  • This is because both people are putting into the relationship not for what they’re going to get from it, but for what they can give to it


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Video Games

  • 21 hours a week is the tipping point where gaming can get in the way of physical or mental health
  • Video games before bed can help if you are struggling with negative thoughts or flashbacks
  • Playing a game before bed will hijack the attention and visual center (Tetris is the go...


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Video Games Are Good For Learning

Video Games Are Good For Learning

  • Some video games are designed to frustrate you and you have to adapt by learning new rules and interfaces
  • You get better at learning new things; dealing with frustrating systems and adapting
  • The result is that you get better and you build confidence in your ability to get bet...


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Emotional Discomfort And Distraction

Emotional Discomfort And Distraction

People have always been distracted, it’s not something that came with the iPhone or Facebook. The leading cause of distraction are internal triggers: boredom, uncertainty, fatigue, anxiety

  • Craving, desire, wanting, lusting, etc., these sensations are psychologically destabilizing.
  • ...


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Being More Creative

Being More Creative

Everyone has been creative at least once in their life.

What does it mean to be creative more than once?

  • Extending yourself with empathy to the person you are seeking to serve
  • Extending via space and time, into the future, announcing something that might or might...


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Traits Of A Championship Team

What sets the championship teams apart?

  • The ethos of the team and the organization
  • The day to day work and knowing that you need to win
  • The attitude of embracing tough situations
  • Every team goes through a moment where they want to quit
  • The bigge...


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The Perils of Loneliness

The Perils of Loneliness

Does technology make us feel lonely or do we use technology because we feel lonely?

In a landmark study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, a total of 3000 participants were observed (1500 were in the control group and the other 1500 deactivated their Facebook accounts)



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The Shame On Admitting Being Lonely

The Shame On Admitting Being Lonely

There is a stigma in admitting you are lonely because the market for popularity has never been more visible

  • You scroll on your feed, and everyone looks like they have more friends than you, have more fun, and are more popular
  • There is something shameful about f...


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Changing Your Situation

Changing Your Situation

  • Your situation is not always fixed or set
  • People have agency over their behaviour. You can change your situation intentionally.
  • You can use different mental strategies (self-talk, how you frame things, etc.), but you can also change your actual situation; e.g. when you study,...


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The Rethinking Cycle

The Rethinking Cycle

The rethinking cycle starts with intellectual humility, knowing what you don’t know despite your expertise in a given topic

Being aware of your ignorance leads you to doubt your convictions

It makes you curious about what you don’t know and that opens your mind to new discoveries


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Question our thinking: Why we find it difficult

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Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want. We go about desiring things all day long and then wonder why we’re unhappy. Anticipation for our vices pulls us into the future. Eliminating vices makes it easier to be present.


Psychological immune system & Synthetic happiness

Psychological immune system & Synthetic happiness

  • Natural happiness - what we get when we get what we wanted.
  • Synthetic happiness - what we make when we don't get what we wanted. It is as real & enduring as natural happiness because our psychological immune system works best when we are stuck.


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