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Self-testing helps to remember information

Self-testing helps to remember information

When you need to remember information for a test or presentation, you can try to hammer the information into your head or you can flip it and also try to retrieve the information as you're learning it.

When we try to put the information in,  it travels one way on the neurons. When we try to recall the information, we're going the other way. This bi-directional highway of information helps to strengthen that circuit more than just passively reading.


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Running away from your problems is a race you`ll never win.

Tips on studying.

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When you test yourself on the material, you can identify knowledge gaps and bring weak areas to light.

Why it works: It helps you overcome the illusion of knowledge that comes from reading. It also helps you adjust your sense of what you know and don't know.

How to apply it: Explain w...

Access to information

When we can all retrieve the same information, the key differentiator is not access to data, but the ability to make use of it, the capacity to translate the available information into useful knowledge.

How To Handle Incorrect Recall

We often jumble up the information, a common error known as misattribution, when we recognize someone incorrectly or swap pieces of information.

The way to handle this is to write down important details on the fly, or aid recall by recording voice notes or clicking pictures/videos.


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