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Selling The Past

Selling The Past

Nostalgia marketing is about connecting your brand with positive concepts or ideas from the past. The goal is to associate your brand with the feelings of comfort and security that are triggered by those ideas. While the concept is not new, it’s become more popular in recent times and is used by companies of all sizes and across industries, from Netflix to McDonald’s. And that’s because it works.


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How to Use Nostalgia In Marketing Your Business: Identify Relevant Memories

How to Use Nostalgia In Marketing Your Business: Identify Relevant Memories

From Gen Z to boomers, every generation has memories that are special to them. Consumers prefer aesthetic products (such as movies and music) associated with their youth, products that existed in their early to mid-twenties.

So, revisit the childhoods and youthful years of your customers an...


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Find Occasions To Display Nostalgic Elements

Find Occasions To Display Nostalgic Elements

Look out for occasions where nostalgic elements would be appropriate. 

Rebranding — Burger King performed their first rebrand in 20 years and they chose to revisit their iconic logo from the 70s.  

Announcing a change in business goals or direction — ...


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Fuel Your Campaign With Social Media

Fuel Your Campaign With Social Media

One of the biggest benefits of nostalgic campaigns is that they are inherently shareable. The good feeling behind “Oh, I remember this!” propels people to share nostalgic posts with family and friends who are a part of those memories. 

While big businesses may have the budget for television...


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Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

Studies on autobiographical memory — the memory system that tracks episodes of our lives — have shown that when we are reminded of episodes from our past, we re-experience the emotions tied to the original episodes. So, if those memories were positive, we’re likely to experience the same cheer. 


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