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Well-being is a skill we can practice

Well-being is a skill we can practice

Most of what people care about can be considered a skill. For example, well-being is a skill; not suffering is a skill; noticing and regulating your emotions is a skill.

Start to practice the skill of mindfulness, which is learning to notice the nature of your experience without reacting. For example, say you fear public speaking, and the default position is to have anxiety and worry in advance about that experience. So you talk to yourself about these concerns and think you have no alternatives.

Mindfulness is a way just to feel your anxiety and be indifferent to it.


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How to change the story you tell yourself

Use gratitude. For example, when you're on your way to a job you don't like, and you're frustrated, you can think of all the negative things that could happen to you, and if you could just return to this moment, you would be thankful.

Nothing about your reality change, but reframing...


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The power of framing

Anxiety feels very similar to excitement. You feel these tingles. But the difference is the story you tell yourself. For example, you experience these feelings as excitement on a rollercoaster, but when you have an interview or are about to walk out on stage, you may...


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The generic state of being

The generic state of being

Eventually, we want to find ourselves in the usual position to effortlessly cooperate with creative and happy strangers.

We want open conversation and have other people point out errors in our thinking and in the conversation we have with ourselves.


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The physiology of depression

The physiology of depression

Depression will tend to produce depressive thoughts, and the depressive thoughts will tend to feed back on the state.

People may lose their commitment to doing everything that is good to do. You may have to push yourself to exercise and socialise and do things that you may not want to do. Y...


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I love creating music, coffee, and film. Always strive for perfection.

Sam Harris gives an inspirational talk on overcoming anxiety & depression.

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A Simple Meditation Practice

  • Sit comfortably. 
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Integrate The Notice-Shift-Rewire Practice Into Your Life

  1. Notice your negativity bias. Catch yourself when you slip into self-doubt, rumination, anxiety, and fear. Notice when your mind starts spinning out worst-case scenarios.
  2. Shift to a moment of gratitude. Noticing opens the space for carving new neural ...

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