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When you start in your career, you may sometimes feel as if you're languishing. You may feel a lack of meaning and a desire to belong emotionally.

Languishing thoughts may include:

  • "I'd rather do something else, but I don't know what."
  • "I'm okay with the work but not particularly excited."
  • "I don't love my job, nor do I hate it. I'm grateful to have it."

There are steps you can take to stop languishing and start flourishing in your career.

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The interviewing process gives valuable insight

When job seekers apply for a position, they often have to jump through more hoops to prove themselves than in the past. Many companies demand drawn-out and multiple steps in the interview process that seem like a job in itself.

How a company treats you during the interview process is a good indicator of the company culture. Asking yourself some questions can give you valuable insight into the company.

Avoid Trying to "Mold" People

This is an important lesson that many managers and leaders need to know. Every time you reduce the differences of your people and have them work alike or have the same mindset, you weaken their creativity and natural flow.

Moreover, making employees feel less motivated and less energetic in producing needed output. The differences of people are what makes us have innovative ideas and the production of great results.

The Great Man Theory

The Great Man Theory suggests that there are people who are naturally born with certain qualities that allows them to rise to the top, meaning they reach positions that have priority and power.

According to this theory, great leaders are heroes because they accomplish greatness despite the odds.

Leadership means making tough decisions

It is difficult for leaders to make tough decisions; some will often abandon their responsibility because they don't want to act on a tough decision or carry the load of the outcome.

Good leaders will remember that they have the responsibility and the obligation to use their authority judiciously and decisively.

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