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The PFC allows us to engage in what is commonly referred to as “executive functioning ,” which involves the ability to guide our behavior in more intentional ways by weighing pros and cons, calculating risk and rewards, deciding what is best for us in the present, and, at an important level, empowering our conscious mind to override our unconscious mind.


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And so it goes.

Am I in control? Or just under the illusion of being in control?

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The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci's creative process

How to approach problem-solving like da Vinci

The importance of curiosity and observation

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Good decisions

To make good decisions, we generally need to do the following:

  • Identify the decision: recognizing the need to make a decision, and identifying what that decision involves.
  • Set our goals: establishing what we want to achieve with the decision...

Creating Agency And Gratitude

Creating Agency And Gratitude

Understanding the mind, the self and the structure and function of the self is essential. What do we look like when we are happy or sad?

The structural self consists of a huge unconscious self and a much smaller conscious self

Theory of Mind

This is our ability to think about what other people are thinking. We think constantly about what the other person is thinking and adjust our behavior accordingly. 

While the tendency to engage in theory of mind is useful—it helps us relate to one another and predict what ...

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