1. Increase your Level of Gratitude: - Deepstash
1. Increase your Level of Gratitude:

1. Increase your Level of Gratitude:

Gratitude can help foster a sense of healing from trauma, along with other psychological benefits, such as a reduction of aggression and frustration. So be sure to include things that you are grateful for in your letter; this will remind your future self to remember when you were so thankful to be where you are right at this moment.


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Week 1

Day 1: Monitor Your Thoughts and Words. You'll be amazed at the thoughts that pop into your head.

Day 2: Make a Gratitude List. Write a list of the things you are thankful for. When you find yourself wanting to complain, focus on what you are grateful for ...

Being Grateful For Your Job

  • In the 2020 debacle in terms of job and income loss, people who are employed feel a certain pressure to be grateful for it, and even have a measure of real gratitude. Many are thankful that they are still hired, still getting paid every month.
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