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Week 1

Day 1: Monitor Your Thoughts and Words. You'll be amazed at the thoughts that pop into your head.

Day 2: Make a Gratitude List. Write a list of the things you are thankful for. When you find yourself wanting to complain, focus on what you are grateful for instead.

Day 3: Take a Thank-You Walk. While you're walking, think of all the things you are grateful for. Carry this sense of gratitude with you throughout the day.

Day 4: Focus on the Good Stuff. Focus on what is right in your life. Praise others instead of criticizing them. Focus on what you get to do rather than what you have to do.


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Neutralize Toxic People

Neutralize the Energy Vampires in your life ... Post a sign in your office that reads "No Energy Vampires Allowed."

Gandhi said, "I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet," and neither should you. This sign will signal to others that you are st...


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Focus More On Daily Winning No Matter How Small

When golfers play a round of golf, they don't focus on all the bad shots they had. They always focus on the one great shot. That's what gets them addicted to the game of golf. They want to recreate that shot, so they play again and again. It's the same with life.

Instead of focusing on all ...


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Positive success formula: E + P = O

Embrace the positive success formula: E + P = O. We can't control the events (E) in our lives. We can't control the economic conditions. We can't control the job market. We can't control the actions of others. But we can control our positive energy and our positive reactions (P) ...


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Find Opportunity In Every Situation No Matter How Worst

Look at the opportunity, not the challenge. History shows us that a lot of people and a lot of companies make a lot of money during recessions. The key is to find the opportunity. Where is the market heading? What do people want and need? What will they want in the future? Now is...


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Never Let External Circumstance Consume Your Mindset

Be aware of the external environment, but don't let it consume you. No one is suggesting that you bury your head in the sand. You need to know what's going on in the world so you can make smart decisions for your life -- or, if you're a business leader, for your company. But once...


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Feed Positivity

Feed the positive dog. I like the fable about the spiritual seeker who travels to the village to speak to the wise man. He says to the wise man, "I feel like there are two dogs inside me. One dog is positive, loving, kind, and enthusiastic, and then I have this mean-spirited, ang...


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View Your Life In A Grateful Way Which Inspires You

View your life as an inspirational tale, not a horror movie. The stories we tell ourselves and the roles we play determine the quality and direction of our lives. I regularly work with realtors (an industry that, admittedly, has a tough row to hoe these days). The best ones are a...


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Stay Positive While Interacting With Toxic People

Or better yet, overpower them with your positive energy. Most Energy Vampires aren't malicious. They're just frightened and trapped in negative cycles of their own. The good news is that positivity is contagious. You can infuse the naysayers around you with your positive energy. ...


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Positive success formula: E + P = O

Embrace the positive success formula: E + P = O. We can't control the events (E) in our lives. We can't control the economic conditions. We can't control the job market. We can't control the actions of others. But we can control our positive energy and our positive reactions (P) ...


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Ways To Feed Positivity

There are plenty of ways to feed the positive dog. You can listen to your favorite music, read uplifting books, pray or meditate, or just spend time with positive people. It's about making the choice to feed yourself with positive energy rather than negativity. The actions are simple. You just ne...


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Trust Your Inner Gut Feeling & Understand That God Is Within You

Instead of looking down at the paper, look up to the heavens. And instead of listening to the fear mongers, walk outside, close your eyes, smell the fresh air, take a few deep breaths, and discover the real peace you seek. Every day, stay positive, do your best to succeed, and have faith in God a...


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Zoom Focusing

Practice the art of "zoom focusing." To "zoom focus" is to tune out the negative voices, focus in on your choices, and start getting things done. Nothing matters more than the actions you take each day to grow yourself, your team, and your business. Your job every day is to stay ...


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Week 2

Day 5: Start a Success Journal. Write down all the great interactions and accomplishments you have had today.

Day 6: Let Go. Make a list of the things you would like to complain about. Identify the things that you have the power to change, and identify thos...


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Always Have The Company Of Positive People Who Uplift You

Surround yourself with a Positivity Posse. Build a team of friends, family, and coworkers who support you, encourage you, and uplift you. Tell them of your goals and ask for their support. Ask how you can support them in their lives and careers. Team members help each other. Ther...


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Focus On Your Inner Perspective And Approach Toward Life

Replace "have to" with "get to." They are two simple words that can change your mind-set, perspective, and approach to work and life. So often we complain and say things like, "I have to go to this meeting." "I have to meet with this client." "I have to take care of this customer...


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No Complaining Rule

Institute your own personal "No Complaining Week". The goal here is to become aware of how negative your thoughts and actions can be. The idea is to eliminate mindless complaining and negative thoughts as much as possible by replacing them with positive thoughts and positive habi...


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Trust in God, not the media (or other naysayers). You can listen to the media, a.k.a. "chicken little," and believe that success is impossible. Or you can change your belief and know that with God and an optimistic attitude all things are possible. Instead of focusing on what the...


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Keep Your Vision Alive

Don't quit at Mile 20. At what mile do you suppose most runners quit a marathon? You might assume the answer is Mile 26. After all, that's when runners should be the most physically drained and exhausted. But you'd be wrong. Besides the first mile, the 26th is when the least amou...


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Hi, I am Nishi, A Passionate Freelance Writer, blogger, Reader, Learner and Traveller, Thanks! My Blog: https://www.meliorismlaconic.com

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Find Gratitude

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Once you start focusing on gratitude, more and more things pop up.

Count your blessings

Being grateful for what you have helps you stay optimistic about your future and boosts your mental health. 

Maintain a gratitude journal. Every night before going to bed, write down what you are thankful for on that day. 

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