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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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How to balance flexibility and structure in a hybrid team environment

Understanding the challenges of managing a hybrid team

How to maintain team cohesion

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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Leadership Generosity: Moving Forward

Leadership Generosity: Moving Forward

  • Make sitting in on other team meetings normal. Let your team members sit in on other teams' meetings so they can learn more than is required to do their current job.
  • Do not allow people to get stagnant. Always give new nonrepetitive work at increasingly more complex levels.
  • Failure is not a bad word. Allow people to experiment without fear, in a way that feels safe doing so. Failure should be celebrated. Full stop.
  • Blame yourself first. Before blaming them, find out if you provided clear direction, clear expectations, sufficient resources, and did the system allow them to do their job?


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Leadership Generosity: The Personal Touch

Leadership Generosity: The Personal Touch

  • Shine a light on the path forward. Communicate a clear vision that people can grasp and understand.
  • Delegate work and get out of their way. Give them work to do. Let them learn failure and success without handholding.
  • Give them...


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The Rules of Leadership Generosity

The Rules of Leadership Generosity

  • Don't cap compensation. If someone does an amazing job, pay them an amazing amount.
  • Know sugarcoating is lying. Provide honest, specific feedback, even if it's hard to hear.
  • Find poor performers another role or get them out.


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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Generous leadership is different from paying a high salary, though fair compensation is table stakes. 

Being generous means truly wanting what's in your team's best interests, so in return, you will get what you want and what your business needs: engaged associates who reci...


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