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  • Law of Inertia: Objects at rest tend to stay at rest; in motion stay in motion.
  • Rockets use more fuel during the first few minutes of flight than the rest of the trip. The hard part is getting off the ground.
  • Pumping water requires many pumps before the water comes out, but once it’s up, it stays flowing. But if you let go of the lever too long, the water goes down and it takes effort to get it back up.
  • Starting step is always hard but once started we gain momentum.


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Momentum Is Huge

Momentum Is Huge

  • Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.
  • The hardest part of momentum is the beginning. But once you get moving you can keep going very easily.
  • With momentum, you can continue succeeding with less work. It's easy to keep things ru...

Consistency creates momentum

Consistency creates momentum

Momentum is based on the idea that an object in motion stays in motion.

  • It’s more effective to write 200 words every day than it is to write 1000 words once a week
  • We’re better off practicing an instrument for 15 minutes every day than we are an ho...

Creative Momentum

Creative Momentum

It happens when your habit has overcome the initial inertia and is now in constant motion, with positive results visible. Creative momentum is possible when:

  • You are consistent and regular in your habit.
  • The progress is visible and is multiplying your force.

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