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We all slip up

Don't beat yourself up when you slip up. 

Write down why you want to quit sugar. Remind yourself every time you feel yourself slipping.

If you slip up, use it as a learning experience and start again. Make sure to avoid the same trap next time.


  • Depression is a common sugar withdrawal symptom. 
  • Anxiety. You may feel like you have less patience than usual and are on edge.
  • Changes in sleep patterns. You might find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • A sugar detox can cause unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can last up to two weeks. Sugar cravings can be worse in between meals or when you feel stressed. 

    Physical withdrawal symptoms include 

    Sugar is responsible for a number of medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar depletes your energy and can contribute to depression.

    Removing sugar from your diet can make you feel better and can decrease your health risks.

    • Quit cold turkey. This includes prepackaged foods, sweetened beverages and white flour.
    • Eat more protein. Protein will help you avoid hunger.

    • Increase your dietary fiber to help you control your blood sugar.

    • Drink mor...

    Sugar is as addictive as nicotine, cocaine, and morphine. Sugar leads to a rush similar to injecting heroin. It leads to a vicious cycle of cravings for more sugar to feel good.  

    Stopping your sugar intake could result in withdrawal symptoms - at least at first.

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    Fasting Ketosis

    In addition to eating a high-fat diet and limiting carbohydrates, the metabolic, fat-burning state of ketosis can be induced by fasting.

    Fasting can help your body burn fatty acids instead of glucose faster and start producing ketones.

    Excessive Sugar Intake

    The excessive consumption of sugar is linked to an increased risk of poor health outcomes such as:

    • heart diseases;
    • type 2 diabetes;
    • weight gain;
    • higher blood pressure;
    • inflammation and many more.

    It's not recommen...

    Cravings can be conquered

    Cravings for sweets things may increase as you start a sugar detox. If you persist, the battle will be won in about a week.