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… Or, The “Switch Game”

“Do these mavericks know what they’re doing? Does their business model make sense? Will they ever make any money?”

But instead of judging them from the comfort and the confidence of your position, try assuming that it’s they that have the right bet on the future. Think about the consequences of that for your business model. Try making the best case for their idea.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

Play is spontaneous and pleasurable but, more importantly, it accelerates and derisks learning. When we’re kids, it helps us to try out new behaviors, to refine those behaviors and to imagine what is not but what could be or what will be. Martin Reeves, a business strategist dealing with adults, argues that, in fact, play in business is not just possible: it’s essential and even urgent. Here’s why.

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Why Criticism Hurts or Angers

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Playing the Blame Game

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