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The Sticky Eyes

  • Hold your gaze as much as possible.
  • A good hack to have a proper eye contact is to trying to notice their eye color.
  • After finishing the conversation, hold the eye contact for some more time.


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Gazing eyes command our attention

Meeting the direct gaze interferes with our ability to hold and use information in our minds over a short time. It also interferes with our imagination and mental control.

We generally perceive people who make more eye contact as more intelligent, conscientious and sincere. We are more i...

Practice Effective Eye Contact

Proper eye contact can express that you're invested, listening and accepting of the other, while looking down or constantly shifting your gaze shows lack of interest and focus. Too much or too little eye contact can be off-putting, experiment to find the right amount.

Gaze is a powerful element of social interaction

  • It reveals where a person is focusing their attention, and, when directed at us, it can have a strong emotional effect.
  • Gaze can play a role in social organization, with a direct gaze demonstrating social dominance and gaze aversion indicating passivity.
  • Eye contact can ...

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