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How To Stop Doomscrolling

First, identify if you are doomscrolling: That habit you’ve formed of cruising through COVID-19 news online as soon as you get up? Doomscrolling. Your desire to stay up to date on every piece of info about how schools across the country are struggling to reopen? Also doomscrolling.

Experts recommend limiting the amount of time you spend on your devices. So, maybe you put aside 15 minutes for you to cruise social media but, when the time is up, you put your phone down and don’t do it again for the rest of the day. And, if even that makes you feel stressed, don’t do it.


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How To Stop Doom Scrolling

Possible ways to stop or minimize doom scrolling can be:

  1. Keep a track of how much time you spend on social media doing nothing, identifying the negative frequency.
  2. Set a timer or use the inbuilt apps to close the doomscrolling feeds.
  3. Establish a time to put your pho...

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