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4. Fruit Diet – Healthy for You and the Planet:

4. Fruit Diet – Healthy for You and the Planet:

Suppose someone is sick in the hospital, of course, you will not take a steak or a biryani for them. You take fruits. The message is clear, “Eat sensibly, at least now!” But the person who takes it does not get it! When travelers like Hiuen Tsang and Megasthenes came to India, they observed that ...


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Species found in One Cubic Meter.

Species found in One Cubic Meter.

If you go to a place in this country where the soil is good and take one cubic meter of this soil, it is said that there are approximately 10,000 species of life in that one cubic meter. This is the highest concentration of life found anywhere on this planet. We do not know why. So, this soil jus...


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1. Organic Content Builds Healthy Soil.

1. Organic Content Builds Healthy Soil.

In India, people have been tilling the same land for thousands of generations. But in the last generation, the soil quality has become so poor that it is on the verge of becoming a desert. If you want to preserve the soil, it means organic content has to go into it. But our trees have all been cu...


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Why Do We Need to Save the Soil?

Why Do We Need to Save the Soil?

Sadhguru: Eighty-seven percent of life forms on this planet – microbes, worms, insects, birds, animals, human beings, plants, trees, and every other vegetation on the planet is sustained by an average of thirty-nine inches of topsoil. And that is in grave danger right now. In the last forty years...


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How Can Soil Revitalization Help the Environment?

How Can Soil Revitalization Help the Environment?

I was speaking at one of the UN agencies in Germany, and they asked me, “What are the three things we need to do to prevent an ecological disaster?” I said, “The three things are, ‘Soil, Soil, and Soil.’” This is something that is not being looked at because it is fashionable in the cities to tal...


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If what you eat has over 75% water content

If what you eat has over 75% water content

If what you eat has over 75% water content, your health will get managed very easily. If you eat a raw vegetable, the water content is somewhere over 70%. If you eat fruit, it is generally over 90% water. So that is the best diet. At least 30-40% of our diet should come from the trees, not from t...


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Law for the Soil

Law for the Soil

There is a national aspiration in India which has already been set by the old Planning Commission that thirty-three percent of India should be under the shade because if you want to preserve the soil, that is the only way. And I am trying to push for a law that if you own one hectare of land, you...


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save soil

5 Methods of Soil Revitalization



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5.2 billion people are living in countries with the ability to vote and elect their nation’s leadership. We are looking at how to get at least three billion people on board so that ecological issues become the issues that elect governments. We want to make these three billion people aware of at l...


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5. Building a Conscious Planet

5. Building a Conscious Planet

If any other species had perpetrated the kind of damage that we have to the planet, we would have found a way to deal with them. If billions of Martian locusts landed here and began to cut through all our trees, turned our soil into deserts, and sucked the water out of our rivers we would have ex...


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Time to Fix the Soil

Time to Fix the Soil

If you want to fix the soil that you have destroyed, it will take 15-25 years if you go at it aggressively. If you do it without much interest, it will take 40-50 years before you can get the soil to a certain level.

If the soil is in a bad condition for that long, that means two to three g...


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3. Reduce Meat Consumption:

3. Reduce Meat Consumption:

Nearly 77% of the land, about 40 million square kilometers, that is used for agriculture in the world is used to raise animals and their food. Compared to various other available solutions, meat consumption is one of the simplest things that you can reverse. If you reduce your meat consumption by...


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107,000 farmers doing tree-based agriculture

107,000 farmers doing tree-based agriculture

After years of work, the United Nations is clearly recognizing today that a massive part of the solution is tree-based agriculture. That is what we have been pushing for 22 years now. And we have over 107,000 farmers doing tree-based agriculture to prove that it has worked on both ecological and ...


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2. Tree-based Agriculture or Agroforestry:

2. Tree-based Agriculture or Agroforestry:

The term “forest produce” must go out of our vocabulary. There is no such thing as forest produce because there is not enough forest on this planet to harness it as produce. That is an era that has gone by. You cannot talk about forest produce in the future. We cannot create a new rainforest beca...


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No Soil for Food Production:

No Soil for Food Production:

After that, we will not have the soil to produce food. You can imagine the suffering that we will unfold in the world. Thirty percent of India’s land is already degraded, and 90% of India’s states are seeing soil turn to desert. That means nothing can be cultivated there. So, protecting the soil ...


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Level Awareness:

Level Awareness:

Right now, over 95% of the global population has no awareness of the ecological disaster building up around them. Ecological awareness is confined only to a small segment of people, and even among them, the idea of ecology is largely limited to using less water while showering or turning off the ...


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Adding Values is a new innovative way to learn new things, you will get Brainstorming things at your Finger Tip. We are committed to giving Valuable knowledge to the People of the World.

Namaskaram, As a youth of the world & a human we have to be aware of our surroundings as we eat food daily we should know what is the happing with this soil & Mother Earth. What are the Future Consequences of this, do you like to live in the state where our Next Generation is Fighting for food. SO, Plz take care of the soil, Thankyou #SaveSoil


Podcasts: The Beginning

Podcasts: The Beginning

  • Podcasts were originally thought of in 2005 by Apple as a way to increase content in their iPod devices and the iTunes software.
  • Steve Jobs pitched podcasts as ‘TiVo for Radio’, audio content that could be time-shifted to listen anytime.
  • Apple wanted to entice its customer...

Reading Vs Listening

The reading act, which requires focus, and which makes us stop, think and re-read is somehow only confined to books, as a study proves that retention is higher with books than with podcasts.

The audio format also misses some key visual aspects of fonts paragraphs and headings, that are avai...

The Focus is Digital

The new entrepreneurs working for the passion economy have one thing in common: They mostly work for digital products and services.

Knowledge influencers like teachers and trainers, along with writers and audio/video content providers have the scalability advantage available courtesy...

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