Give yourself permission to receive. - Deepstash
Give yourself permission to receive.

Give yourself permission to receive.

Healing doesn’t occur in isolation. The people and environment with which you surround yourself can support your journey. But first, you have to open yourself up to receive. Let go of shoulds and should-not. And reach out.

  1. Find a practitioner you trust. 
  2. Talk with your partner or a close friend
  3. If your energy is low or your brain is foggy, consider setting up a  rotating meal service, where friends and family can sign up to drop off
  4. If friends ask to help, suggest practical things: grocery shopping, laundry, medication/supplement pick-up.
  5. Connect with a support group for chronic fatigue patients.


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33, Internet Marketer from Bangladesh

This book is written by Cynthia Li, Who is a doctor but didn't find out the reason for her illness for that reason she has to suffer for a long time but at last, she finds our something and which is changer her life and for more people also.

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