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This book is written by Cynthia Li, Who is a doctor but didn't find out the reason for her illness for that reason she has to suffer for a long time but at last, she finds our something and which is changer her life and for more people also.

Brave New Medicine

Brave New Medicine

by Cynthia Li


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How to Get Off the Couch

(a.k.a How to Heal)

  1. Ask new questions.
  2. Reset your inner clock.
  3. Give yourself permission to receive.
  4. Get a daily dose of nature.
  5. Detoxify the house (and yourself)
  6. Let intuition tell your thinking mind where to look next. 
  7. ...

Ask new questions.

This is no small task. It’s especially challenging for doctors, scientists, academics, or others steeped in the belief that we can “fix whatever’s broke” or think our way out of an unfortunate situation. Symptoms are our body's way of saying something isn’t working anymore. Often, these symptoms ...

Reset your inner clock.

To be healthy is to be in sync with your inner and outer rhythms. Your organs have their own circadian rhythms, turning on and off at different times in a twenty-four-hour cycle and your days are governed by the rhythms of sunlight, among other forces.

  • Eating

The more regul...

Give yourself permission to receive.

Healing doesn’t occur in isolation. The people and environment with which you surround yourself can support your journey. But first, you have to open yourself up to receive. Let go of shoulds and should-not. And reach out.

  1. Find a practitioner you trust. 
  2. Talk with your partner ...

Get a daily dose of nature.

If getting outside is logistically challenging, bring in houseplants or fresh flowers. Any bit of nature can stimulate the healing rest-and-digest phase.

Detoxify the house (and yourself)

  1. Choose organic produce and meats whenever possible.

2. Shop at a farmer’s market if available.

3. Use stainless steel and/or ceramic cookware. Avoid non-stick pots and pans.

4. For food storage, use Pyrex glass containers or recycled jars.

5. Filter chlorine fr...

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It offers new perspectives to see the necessity of anger, and how to deal with Trauma .



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