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Has procrastinating ever made your life less stressful and more efficient? I’m willing to bet the answer is no. This is why we must follow Aurelius’ lead and focus on the important tasks in front of us. If we can win that battle first, the rest of the day will be a breeze.


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When we are having a narrow cognitive bandwidth, it can help us hyper-focus but is also harmful.

Tunnelling can lead us to focus on the urgent but not so important tasks immediately in front of us, which at the end of the day isn't very productive.

Why we struggle to work

Productivity systems often focus on how to complete your tasks. However, it is just as important to understand why we battle to do the work.

Procrastination triggers are emotional, making it harder to analyse them objectively. Learning about the most common trigger...

Making Priority

Eisenhower made one of the best decision in history during World War 2. In large part, it was due to his ability to prioritize.

He introduced the famous Eisenhower matrix, a 2x2 matrix which can help us to prioritize our tasks based on urgency and importance.

We should spend most of ...

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