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The ideal remote workplace

The ideal remote workplace

Many employers try to meet the demand for remote work by saying all the right things to prospective employees. However, they are not committed to or effective at building a healthy, high-performing remote or hybrid workplace.

It can help to fully understand a company's remote work infrastructure during recruitment. The key is to look for attributes about the organisation's remote culture and ask the right questions about the principles and norms that dictate the overall company culture and remote work experience.


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Company culture and values

 When considering if a company has an effective remote culture, ensure the company has strong core values and a healthy culture. One key truth is that the elements needed for an effective remote company culture are the same for a great company culture in any type of workplace.


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Remote work strategy

Remote work strategy

Many companies are not fully committed to a strong remote work environment.

Candidates need to know if the remote policy is a well-planned strategy with supporting systems and processes instead of a haphazard strategy.

  • Ask how often remote employees are e...


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In-person connnectivity

The best remote organizations create opportunities for people to meet and bond in-person.

Candidates should ask if the company hosts all-company events, co-working days, or other opportunities to connect in -person.

Most remote employees don’t want to work from home t...


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Automotive engineer

The job market is filled with partially or fully remote roles. However, some of these companies are offering opportunities that are less rewarding than they seem. Therefore, candidates should do their homework to ensure that the company has a good hybrid or remote environment before accepting the job.

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Getting to know the workplace

Getting to know the workplace

At a new job, in order to get to know more about how the palce overall works, most new employees talk to lower-level people because they perceive that they are more attentive to social norms. 

  • What are typical work hours?
  • Do teammates do things together outside of work?

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