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The Quantum View of the Theory

The Quantum View of the Theory

In Quantum Science, objects can exist in different states of being until they are watched by someone, which would define a static state of being.


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Quantum Gravity And The Degrees Of Freedom

Any proposed theory of quantum gravity would need to take care of the principles of locality, which state that any variable can change independently while measuring the properties of any point in space-time. These variables are called the degrees of freedom.


5. The Law of Intention and Desire

5. The Law of Intention and Desire

This law states that energy and information exist everywhere in nature. The whole universe is the movement of energy and information in its quantum state. We all are a convolution in this quantum field and we influence it by our intentions.

This law is similar to what has b...

The power of a quantum computer

The power of a quantum computer

A conventional computer uses electricity within its silicon chips. Small amounts of electrical current are turned on or off. It represents true and false, or the binary numbers one and zero.

But a quantum computer changes individual quantum elements such as electrons or photons, called qub...

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