“Aging well is the supreme expression of wisdom.”


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Broaden your interests

When we become so accustomed to our routines and start living on autopilot, we become limited over time.

Learning new things can significantly improve your memory as new pathways are created in the brain.

Our brains continue to change by forming new neural connections throughout our entire life.

The connections in the brain can be strengthened and renewed when we challenge our learning and stretch our thinking.

Even though our bodies deteriorate and impede our abilities with age, our brains continue to function well. The brain continues to form new connections and create new cells. It is our self-imposed limits that hold us back, not the capacity of our brain.

A study revealed that a positive attitude had a greater impact on survival. Positive people outlived negative people by an average of seven and a half years.

A study revealed that those who age gracefully are more focused on gratitude and less on their cholesterol. They are used to spot gratitude and generous in expressing it.

Accept the complexity

Living longer creates more complexity in our relationships. What should we be doing for the next few decades?

Accept the complexity of an increased life span as a wonderful challenge.

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  • Physical: Most people think of aging only as physical aging.
  • Cognitive: After middle age, around 60, memory and other abilities decline.
  • Psychosocial: It includes things like well-being, happiness, quality of life, control of emotions, socialization.

Successful aging refers to better well-being and greater happiness, even thriving and flourishing.

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Lifestyle choices influence how you age

Adopting specific lifestyle behaviors can have a tangible effect on how well you age: activities like learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, taking part in aerobic exercise, and developing meaningful social relationships, can do wonders for your brain. 

3 simple habits that can protect your brain from cognitive decline


Getting wiser with age

Some things do get better with age: the ability to make decisions, control emotions, and have compassion for others.

The challenge to aging well is to be an optimist, resilient and pro-active, allowing the benefits of age to shine through. 

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