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Intelligent practice is deliberate, this will help avoid repetition for the sake of it & will subsequently bring better results.

Ericsson developed a program to help train doctors to deal with specific critical situations. The program gives doctors feedback after suggesting specific treatment methods, providing hints if they end up on the wrong path. During a training session, a physician remained on autopilot. He was putting the time and effort in but was not taking the advice on board. After being taken aside & told to reflect, this physician then started to reap the rewards of his efforts. 


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What makes high achievers successful, MacArthur Fellow Duckworth writes, is grit—a “combination of passion and perseverance”—coupled with their raw talent. Talent is important, she acknowledges, but talent multiplied by grit is what builds skill, and skill multiplied by grit equals achievement....

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Deliberate practice requires intrinsic motivation

Persisting with deliberate practice needs a lot of motivation. However, the motivation needs to come from within, not from external rewards or to avoid a negative consequence. We need to enjoy getting better for its own sake.

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